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Friday, December 5, 2008

40th Birthday!

This was a really fun cake to make for a friend of mine. Her husband was having the dreaded 40th birthday and she wanted a fun cake for him. I thought the casket turned out really cute. I don't know if he'll think so though:) It is definitely
going to be yummy too-white cake w/ raspberries and raspberry whipped cream filling.


thegoulds said...

I loooove your cakes Mandy! I still think you're not chargin enough. I can't wait till Alex turns 4 in February - I'm definately getting a cake for her birthday!

Erin said...

Mandy I have to tell you the cake was AMAZING!!!! It tasted as good as it looked. You have a true talent and I am glad we had the chance to be a part of that. Thank you so much for making Marc's birthday memorable...he absolutely loved the cake and we took millions of pics of it!!!! Just remember Trystan has a birthday the end of January and I am putting my order in!!!!