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Saturday, April 11, 2009

Birthday Zebra Cake

I know I have showed you this style and print a lot but this one was so cute and fun because it was so small! It was a 6 inch base and 3 inch top and was absolutely adorable! The birthday girl was turning 7 and has the funnest mom. She let her daughter go through my blog and pick out whatever cake she wanted. A pretty sassy 7 year old to pick out the zebra print I would say. Sydney, I hope you loved your cake and your party!

Ignore the two little munchkins:) I was trying to show you the actual size of this cake and how cute it was.

1 comment:

thegoulds said...

well, Mandy, she's actually a sassy 6 year old. THanks for the adorable cake - everybody loved it!