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Monday, March 8, 2010

40th Wedding Anniversary

I apologize about the horrible quality of this photo. I didn't realize my camera battery was dead until I went to take a picture of the cake after I delivered it!! Fortunately my phone takes photos but unfortunately it's not so great:( The delivery site for the cake was about and hour away and it happened to be pouring down rain the entire drive! I made my husband drive and I was so tense the entire ride because you could barely see. Thank goodness it stopped raining right as we got there so I could bring the cake inside safely without raindrops ruining it. The flavors of this cake were so yummy! Starting at the top there was white cake with lemon filling, chocolate cake with cream cheese filling yellow cake with strawberries and cream and lastly marble cake with raspberries and chocolate butter cream. The customer who ordered this couldn't have been nicer and it sounded like this was going to be one special party for her parents.

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